The inlingua Train-The-Trainer Certificate Course

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The train the trainer course is designed for experienced inlingua language trainers that are responsible, or will be responsible, for training new trainers at their centers. To begin this course, it is necessary that you have already worked through all the courses on the inlingua Academy Learning Management System as this will form part of the content you are expected to be able to deliver or discuss with other inlingua trainers.

Course Objectives:

1/ To raise awareness of the issues involved in trainer training.

2/ To provide and illustrate a structured approach to trainer training.

3/ To enable trainees to practice planning a training course autonomously and to try out trainer training in a safe environment

Terms used in this course

The term ‘trainer’ is used in this context to mean an inlingua language trainer or prospective inlingua language trainer.

The term ‘trainer-trainer’ is used to mean the new or prospective inlingua center trainer-trainer.