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Memory Game

Ordering Game – ordering the paragraph

Ordering Game – ordering the sentence

Ordering Game – ordering the word

Question activity – choose the answers

Question activity – write the answers

Sentence conversions

Speaking lab

Text activity – check boxes

Text activity – cloud of answers

Text activity – multiple choice

Text activity – write the solution

Vocabulary definitions

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New iOL Training Reference

Please note iOL is constantly being updated to improve the system. If some screenshots do not look exactly the same as the ones displayed on your browser, some functions may have been added, moved or are no longer available.

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Learner Platform

How to log on as a learner

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Tools Read and Write

Tools Workbook

Doing the Assigned Exercises

Doing Writing Tasks

Trainer Platform

How to log on as a Trainer

Trainer How to Create Exercises in the New iOL

Trainer Allocating Content to a learner

Administrator Platform

How to log on as an Administrator

How to Change Passwords

Creating a New Administrator

Creating a Trainer

Creating a Learner

Creating a Group

Allocating Content to a Group

Academy User Videos

1.0 The inlingua Academy Overview

1.1 The Original inlingua Method

1.2 The inlingua Method Foundation Course

1.3 The inlingua Language Trainer Certificate Course

1.4 The Virtual Language Trainer Certificate Course

1.5 The Advanced inlingua Language Trainer Certificate Course

1.6 The inlingua Train-The-Trainer Certificate Course

2.0 Badges and Certificates

2.1 Certificates

3.0 How to Sign Up for a Course and Log in

4.0 Doing a Module

5.0 Virtual Classroom Admin

6.0 Group Leader’s Access

Academy Group Leader User Guide from inlingua International Ltd on Vimeo.

For a quick guide to help you see trainers’ results, follow the steps in this Presentation