Welcome to the inlingua Academy Website

Welcome to the inlingua Academy website. This website is connected to a Learning Management System (LMS) containing inlingua online language trainer-training courses. You can enter the LMS by clicking the link under ‘courses’ at the bottom of this page.

Once you enter the LMS, you will be shown an overview of the courses available. Click on the link to the course you wish to attend, and you will be directed to that course’s home page. Once you have been registered, you will be able to start the course. Please note that some of these courses are led by an instructor, and are not all self-correcting courses. You will need to show your understanding of the topics on discussion boards throughout the course when instructed to do so, and to complete all the tasks required.

It is intended that trainers work though the courses one-by-one starting with the original method training course. It is important with all courses that you click on the ‘Mark Complete’ button when it appears at the bottom of a page. This will help you to accumulate badges.

List of available courses.
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